PC Build~ Suggestions Please THANKS

Sup guys~

I need some pointers on a PC I'm about to build real soon.
Im on a budget of around $850-900.
Going to Fry's tomorrow morning and thinkin about getting the following parts:

Case : anything that'll fit the other parts hehe
-- dont really care what it looks like, suggestions please

CPU : Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz
-- i did my homework and found out that dual core is sufficient for what i intend to do with this rig. [game, bluray, hd]

MoBo : anything that supports the C2Duo and CrossFire [2x PCIe x16]
-- suggestions Very welcome

GPU : 2x ATI HD Radeon 4770 [crossfire]
-- probably gonna get one. two if money permits^^

RAM : anything descent, most likely some DDR2 ram
-- looking for 6GB [3x2GB]

PSU : i think i need around 550W
-- please suggest some reliable brands

Cooling units : i need some guidance in this part of the system.
-- im probably gonna need a better cpu cooler cause im thinkin about overclocking^^
-- also maybe some additional fans for the entire system itself [like on the case...]

thanks alot in advance~ ^^
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  1. What resolution monitor are you going to be using? If you already have a monitor you can fit an AMD quad core into that budget. You want to get a 2x2 kit of ram not a 3x2 kit as they are more expensive and meant for i7's, and 4GB is plenty for all noncommercial applications. I could suggest the corsair 550vx or the antec EA650.
  2. thanks for the suggestions~

    the monitor i have is the HP 2207h
    res: 1680x1050

    how is the amd quad core? and what specific model are you talking about?
  3. I would go for this as a build, it comes out well within budget and will perform quite well.

    AMD 945/MSI 790GX/HIS 4890 $405

    OCZ Reaper 1600MHz CL7 $85

    1TB Samsung Spinpoint $85

    Antec 300/Windows Vista Home 64 Bit $155

    EA650 $80

    LG DVD burner $25

    Comes up to $835 total
  4. thanks alot~
    appreciate the quick suggestions ^^
  5. Glad to help. Any other questions feel free to ask.
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