Compare this for me plz

hi guys i have a 250 psu and i have 2 cards i was looking at but i'm not that good a comparing stuff caould anyone help

SAPPHIRE 100253HDMI Radeon HD 4650

Visiontek Radeon HD 3450 Video Card

which one is better for gaming like lets say games like empire total war or counter strike source.

what would the benchmarks be?
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  1. The 4650 will outperform the 3450. One is a low profile card (4650) the other is standard (3450) if you need a low profile card, get the 4650. If you don't need a low profile card get a standard size 4650.
  2. so the 4650 will it play like crysis or empire total war or any of the newer games and how will it do on counter strike source because my 6200 only gets a small 12.6 fps
  3. It's not a high performance gaming card.

    Here's a Graphic card hierarchy chart that shows the relative performance of different cards.,2387-7.html

    You can check the entire article for pricing recommendations. However your 250w power supply will not supply the needs of ANY gaming card, so you'd also have to replace your power supply to play the games you listed.
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