Help with PSU & GPU upgrade.

Hi all @ Toms Hardware.

With a number of up-coming games I'm worried about my pc not being good enough to run some of them. For example, I saw that one system requirement for CoD: MW2 was a 7800 graphics card or better - I only have a 7300.

I'm looking to upgrade my PSU and GPU for under £100 and to run these games at least.

I have a Leonite 2 motherboard -
3GB of RAM
Currently 300W PSU

and £100.

I was thinking maybe the 4670 but I have no clue of which PSU..

Help would me much appreciated, thanks :D
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  1. I have an Intel Core 2 Duo 4400 @ 2.00GHz if this is any help to you.
  2. C2D 4400 is a CPU not a GPU.

    You will be hard pushed to upgrade your video card and PSU for £100.00 = video card = PSU

    but it goes over your budget - by around £30.00
  3. A GTS250! Wow there nothing cheaper like a 4670? I just don't know which PSU to go with that.
  4. Will that GTS250 and the chosen PSU fit my Leonite2 motherboard and be compaitable?

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