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Hi everyone,

I have a couple of quick questions i hope someone can help me out with. I originally ordered a Thermaltake V9 case but after reading some reviews about it being cheap and not very sturdy i decided to break the bank and ordered a Lian Li PC-P50 case. My goal is to have TWO intake fans with both having BLUE LED's. Will the items below work and accomplish my goals? If not, what can i do to accomplish my goals? Are the fans i choose of fairly high quality?

1 x ($179.99) CASE LIANLI|BLACK PC-P50 RT - Retail $179.99
1 x ($25.99) HDD MOUNT LIANLI|EX-332N RT - Retail $25.99
2 x ($13.59) ACCES FAN|SMARTLED12 A2018 BL TT RT - Retail $27.18

I'm also looking for a clear side case cover if anyone knows where to find them? The part number i THINK is W-LM2AB-1 but no one has them and i'm not 100% sure if it will work or not? Any Lian Li experts on here can help me out?
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  1. anyone? help me out here?
  2. What did you end up buying?
    How did you make out?
  3. mark_k said:
    What did you end up buying?
    How did you make out?

    I did order and recieve the case, which is fantastic btw. I'm still in the building process though and have not had much time to make very much progress as i have an 8month old that keeps me very busy so this project is a much lower priority. As a matter of fact, its been sitting on the dining room table for a few weeks now in various stages of the building process.

    I ended up going with TWO 120mm Lian Li fans that have blue LED's that i got from

    I also am going to use the HDD mounting kit that i posted above from newegg which i already recieved as well.

    I'm also changing out the two top 140mm fans for XIGMATEK XLF Series XLF-F1454 140mm 4 white LED fans with blue blades.
  4. Oh great!

    I may replace my top fans like you did.

    I'm going with this case and a sidew window.

    This is a link to reviews and discussions

    Good luck!
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