Where is bios switch?

I have a HIS 6950 2GB I wanted to flash to 6970 but there is no switch button. Where is bios switch :cry:? If somthing go wrong can i boot with another graphics and flash the backup? is my model a single bios?Product Code:H695FN2G2M http://www.hisdigital.com/UserFiles/product/3625_002_1_1600.jpg As you can exactly in the picture there are no bios switch. If i can't flash this model is overdriving using catalyst safe?
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  1. Oh GOD! Read This Guys
    Good enough for the cheapest 6950 available. It does not have the latest OpenGL API, but that doesn't matter in many cases.

    This card is not unlockable. If you try to flash a 6970 BIOS to this card, you will brick it. There is no dual bios switch, and since it's not reference, the shaders available are what you get - there are no extras to unlock. It was built to be a 6950, not downgraded from higher bins.

    Cons: HIS has gone down in quality lately and their warranty is pretty bad compared to most.

    Other Thoughts: Great card if you know what you're getting. Don't expect a 6970 for this price because you will never get one from most non-reference cards, 2GB or not. This model in particular will never be flashable.

    So no F****** flash:((. But there's still hope. Can i use overdrive Using catalyst? i did it one time. used 85% of fan speed with 840 MHz! i want it just for better gaming. i mean more frames. and faster render in after effects. i am going to double it in 3 month (crossfire).
  2. Yes you can still O/c it through CCC although 840MHz from 810MHz (800MHz standard clock) isn't a massive boost,
    and if your crossfiring up ahead, what resolution are you on? one monitor or three?
    and will your psu manage to power it all?
    are you clocking the proc btw?
  3. 1 monitor with full HD resolution. And the psu is 800 watt ac-bell.
  4. I dont think you 'need' to crossfire tbh, but I'm not one to talk having 2x 6950Gb tripleslot cards planned in my current build for one monitor :P
    looking at a tweaktown review of the 500w version of acbells unit, http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/1077/acbel_500_watt_lcd_power_supply_with_software_monitoring/index1.html they seem reliable enough and I don't see why the 800w wont handle the duties if you do go for it,
    did you get the little lcd gizmo with yours? thats cool hehe
    back to original question though, I wouldn't try flashing it without the 'backup' bios, but if you're confident in doing it good luck :)
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