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I have a computer all setup now to run to a HDTV. Right now I am using an old TV with an old Dell to run movies/music/pictures over the TV via s-video.

Now my question; I am looking at getting a 58 inch plasma and wanted to get some opinions. I will be hooking up a 750 board with a 9800 GX2 to it. The main brands I have been looking at have been Samsung, and Panasonic but I am open to others. It will have to be 1080p and able to do 2 HDMI hookup's. I really do not want to go anything under 58 inches. Does anyone have any suggestions on what exact models to look at and what not to look at?

My budget is around 2500!
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  1. Got another question. I went to a specialty store last night that only did tv's and tv repairs. He told me that plasma's are crap and that if space was not an issue and that if you were not going to hang it go with DLP. We checked out the DLP's and they were incredible. The picture was great, if not better then their nicest LCD's.

    So what does everyone think about DLP's?
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