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I have a veritech 4GB USB2.0 that is malfunctioned...when I plug it in to my Windows 7 OS, I get the normal sound when inserting any device but I can't find it neither in my computer nor in disk management(which is found in computer management). BTW I can find it in the Safely Remove Hardware(in the tray) and I can click on it to eject it safely but I cant browse it!!!
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  1. Try plugging it into another machine. If it has the same behaviour then it's likely to be bust I'm afraid.
  2. it isn't working on another machine...but I think if the hardware is fine then there must be a ways to fix it, & since the computer is making a sound when I insert the USB & when I go to the device manager I find an unknown multimedia controller thus the hardware is fine
  3. Absolutely not. Just because it makes a noise when inserted into Windows and the device manager doesn't have clue what it is does not mean "the hardware is fine".

    Do you have something that is particularly important on this device? Given how inexpensive 4GB USB keys are now it might just be worthwhile picking up something new.
  4. Really. Do you have a video card or a sound card in this dongle? Windows will bleep anytime it see's "something" plugged in. Because it is misidentifying what is plugged in we can assume it is getting incorrect information. Therefore the hardware is *not* working properly. Spend the $7 and get another one or give yourself a treat and go $15 for an 8G.
  5. hehe its not because of money or something but I'm trying to fix any problem with my computer, internet, USB... on my own, not a person come & take my computer for example & fixing it without me knowing how.

    I'm ready to open my USB & replace any damaged hardware, I will replace it from my other USB which is working:P
    If anyone knows how to do it & could help me, his help would be appreciated. These are the symptoms: When I enter the USB:
    1- The windows beeps
    2- The windows tries to install drivers for the USB but doesn't find a driver for the multimedia controller
    3- I can find the USB as an unknown multimedia controller in the Device Manager but can't find it in the windows explorer
    4- I entered command prompt and typed "diskpart" then typed "list disk" so I got my initial hard disk & "disk 2" of status:No media;Size:0B

    I searched some forums about this issue, they said that the computer may have got confused which letter to give for the USB but when I entered command prompt-diskpart & typed:list volume I got that the letter of my removable which is F
  6. It's good that you are looking to learn how to fix your own computer. But buddy there are better things to spend you time on than fixing a replaceable usb drive.

    USB flash disks are largely becoming like optical media; disposable because of low cost. Would you spend the time trying to fix an optical disc? Probably not.

    If you are adamant that you are going to open this device and try and fix it then you have a long road ahead of you. You will have to check the circuitry and the state of the flash cells just to figure out the fault.
  7. Have you checked under 'Disk Management' ? A working usb flash drive will show up there with an assigned drive letter. Hopefully you will have the option to initialize/partition/format. If not then just get a new one. ~$8-9
  8. Rusting In Peace,
    hehe the USB is the only thing bothering me now so do you know any website that could help me, any site that shows me USB hardware or how to check the circuitry?

    I cant find it in disk management :\ thnx anyways
  9. Hi Sam,
    Did u found a solution, i have the same problem and i have an important file in my stick...:(
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