Gtx 560 ti OC question

Hi all,
I'm planning on buying a MSI GTX 560-ti Twin Frozr II/OC which is at 880mhz. But i've read that it's possible to OC them to 900 or more, but since i'm don't know anything about overclocking GPU's i'm wondering if i need an aftermarket cooler like with CPU's or if the stock one is good enough?

thanks in advance!
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  1. No after market cooler is required to clock upwards of 950. The Twin Frozr is a superior cooling design.
  2. I have a Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti SOC Ed. and it comes with a factory overclock of 950Mhz on the core. Though I have yet to need doing so, apparently they it can handle ~1GHz (core clock). At standard fan rates (40-60%) you can barely hear them, at maximum fan speed, there is still very little audible noise; they're quieter than my case fans. This is on account on the custom cooler Gigabyte use, very similar to the Twin Frozr II, so it should be easily sufficient for a little overclocking.

    Good luck OC'ing :)

  3. I have a Gigabyte 560Ti OC edition (NOT SOC edition), it came stock with 900MHz core.

    (over-clocked using MSI afterburner)
    Its now sitting stable at:

    1GHz Core Clock
    2000 Shader
    2200 Mem Clock

    Temps dont go past 70 degree's under MSI Kombustor fans set to auto around the 68% mark
  4. @ AdrianPerry
    Have you changed the GPU or Memory Voltage at all? Or still set at auto?
    Also, 2200 on the That's almost a 100% increase! I was thinking that when I decide to OC it (probably when BF3 comes out, lol) I'd bring it up to 1GHz on the core, 2GHz Shader and 1.5 Memory - will that require an adjustment of the voltages, or anything other than changing than clock speeds?
  5. thanks for all your help, overclocing shouldn't be a problem i hear :P
    I don't have it yet BTW, but it should arrive in a week or so.
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