New system won't read USB flash drives.

So, I wasn't sure where to post this as it's a bit of an odd question.

I just got all my new parts in today, and put everything together. The problem I'm having is my computer just will not read my USB flash drives. It will read any other USB device, just not those.

This is very unfortunate because I have no idea how to get Service Pack 2 of XP onto that computer without them. I've tried burning it to a disc, with no success.

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Where do you exactly plug your usb drives?
  2. Into the USB ports? Is there any other answer to this? x] We've tried all of them, and as I've said (I think I said it? :P) other USB devices work, just not the flash drives for reason. We've also checked on other PCs to make sure the flash drives work, and they do.
  3. I mean is it the plugs located behind the cpu or the ones situated in the case?

    Anyway, try to check the bios if the USB devices are disabled.
  4. If u meant the front USB ports on case:

    double check that USB front panel connectors from case correctly connected to the USB headers on mobo?

    in the worse case scenario there are cheap PCI-USB cards that one could slot in the PCI expansion slots hehe
  5. What masterjaw is asking is if the USB ports on the back panel of the motherboard work.
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