Help diagnose this hardware problem please!

Hi all.

My old PC started playing up two weeks ago after we had a storm and the house electrics got knocked out - it could have been a power surge.
Basically when I start the PC nothing shows up on the monitor, the keyboard lights don't come on and the cd drive doesn't open.

I immediately suspected it was the PSU and just replaced it with a new one but it hasn't fixed it. The PSU was fairly old so it needed replacing anyway but I felt sure it was the problem.

What else could be causing this?
I'm now suspecting the motherboard but don't really want to go and buy one until I am pretty damn sure.

The PC specs;
Pentium 4 (S478) 2.6Ghz Northwood CPU
Asus P4P800SE motherboard
Corsair 1GB PC3200 RAM
Corsair 400W PSU (new one)
Maxtor 120GB HDD

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Disconnect from mobo and any other devices , unscrew your PSU out of case, connect it to something like an ODD or case fan and try jump starting it?
    Shot the green and black wires with the paper clip
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