33C idle non OC ok?

I just finished a new build, I am using a CM STORM case, it has an intake 200mm fan, a 120mm output fan and I have added another 200mm output fan. I have an i5-2500k with a CM 212 hyper + and have added a second 120mm fan to it.

I figure that my air cooling should be sufficient for a little overclocking (have never done it before, thought I might try it with this build) but after downloading coretemp I am seeing my average idle temp sitting around 33 C. Based on what I have been reading on these forums that seems a little high to me. I have yet to test it in any games, but is that number alright, or do I need to look at re-applying my HSF?

*Edit: My room temp sits around 20-23 C
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  1. For standard healty is max temp. You must ran at software benchmark like syssoftsandra / Aida 64 for to know it. If still below 50 ( I think no overclock hyper 212 easy get it ) if over 70C you need fix your cooler.
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