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So I got all my computer parts yesterday, and I spent about 2 hours putting everything together. Then I realized I need another SATA cable before I can get this baby running. However, before I move on, I want to make sure I'm fine so far. There are a few things I'm uncertain of. But first... I have one question...

If I didn't set this thing up right and I try to turn it on, is there any risk that I will damage any of the components? Or will it simply not turn on? (Or not turn on right?) Even though I need a SATA cable to get the disk drive running, I want to try to turn this on to make sure everything else works. Also, how do I know everything is working right (e.g. USB ports, headphone jack, etc.)? Is there a way to check?

Okay, moving on. I took some (bad) pictures of the computer and I need to know if I've done everything right. First...

My video card has two slots. My power supply only has one cable that fits this slot. Am I required to fill both slots on my video card? If so, is that what this is for?

If so, does that plug into my power supply (twice) and then into my video card? If so, that's exactly what I did, and I'm fine so far.


This is my hard drive. That's a molex connector (I'm pretty sure) from my power supply plugged into it. All else I need is a SATA cable to connect it to the motherboard, correct? If so, I'll be good to go later today. (Hopefully radioshack or office depot sell SATA cables!)

On the subject of cables, what are these things for?

They're at the end of a long chain of connectors on some of my power supply cords. I wasn't sure what they are for. Newegg names most of the connectors on an image of my power supply, but not that one.

Moving on...

I'm not sure where this thing is supposed to go. I'm pretty sure it's the eps12v. Is this optional? Because I don't see any room for it on my motherboard.


All I need to do for the fans is plug them into the power supply like this, right?

Finally, take a look at this.

That's the audio cord from my case plugged into the motherboard. I have two questions here. First, am I supposed to plug in the HD audio or the AC,97 audio plug? If the former, that's exactly what I did. Second, is it fine to let this cable rest over the video card like that? It's a stretch to plug the cable into the motherboard and I'm not sure I can get it any better than that.

And just in case you notice I did anything else wrong, here's some pictures of the inside of my case:

Lastly, I have a 1080p monitor. How exactly do I connect this to my computer? Do I need to use an adapter to plug it into my video card? Or should it plug straight in without an adapter? How many cords do I need to plug in exactly and which ones? I have the ATI Radeon 4890 if it helps.

Anyway... please help the best you can. I hope I did this right. If I did, all that's left is to plug in the disk drive and organize the cables (that's going to be annoying).
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  1. I'm sorry, but do to the cooropate filter I can't see the pictures you've posted. The only thing that I'd be worried about is making sure you installed the standoff's before installing your motherboard (little brass things that you screw into your case that your motherboard then screw into). This will greatly help make sure that you're not grounding your MB in a weird way.

    Also make sure your using an outlet with a ground plug (3 prong). Other thant that you should be ok to try firing thigns up. It may not start up or work correctly but it shouldn't damage anything. Most plugs are shaped so that you cannot plug items into/with incompatible plugs.
  2. Quote:
    The only thing that I'd be worried about is making sure you installed the standoff's before installing your motherboard (little brass things that you screw into your case that your motherboard then screw into).

    Yes, I installed those.
  3. Well Like i noted above I ufortinally can't see the pictures till i get home, but i'd think you'd be ok to try firing it up.

    To answer your questions about some of your cable managment. Its always important to have the cleanest wiring setup for yoru case as possible. It will greatly help in keeping the air flowing through your case for cooling purposes. If you need to they make extenders for just about any sort of wire. I personaly like hiding most of my wires behind my motherboard (this depends on the case).
  4. Quote:
    I personaly like hiding most of my wires behind my motherboard (this depends on the case).

    Wouldn't I have to remove the motherboard before doing that? That would seem sort of complicated - plugging in all those cords when they're under it.

    By the way, I made another thread about my power supply. I asked if it is powerful enough for my specs. Will you check that out and tell me what you think? Even if I need to replace the power supply soon, will it be safe to fire up the computer to make sure everything works?
  5. No you shouldn't have to if your case allows for it. It mostly depends on your case. A lot of cases that are now constructed will have a bit of space from the outer shell to the backplate where the motherboard is installed to. They then cut a few wholes in some statergic places in that back plate so that you can feed the wires back up and around to the motherboard.

    Good Cable Managment:
    Notice how the air flow over the board will not be ubstructed.

    Bad Cable Managment:
    The air flow over the board will have to suck air through all that wiring....ick.

    I can't seem to find your other thread...can you post it for me. Thanks.
  6. I'll post a pic of my case once I *try* to get the cables organized.

    Here's the link:
  7. Not under the motherboard. Usually on most cases now, theres a gap between the motherboard mount and the out side of the case, if you open the side closest to the motherboard which is the right side, you will see where the motherboard mounts. Cords can go between the outside door and under the mounting board on the case.

    For me, I have the centurion 590 and theres holes at the top of the case so i can throw them under the board and out the top to the designated ports.
  8. I have the NZXT Beta. I'm pretty sure if you remove the right panel there are holes for cords to pass through. I'm just not sure how easy it will be to bend the cords near under the motherboard to get them to pass through the holes.
  9. It shouldnt be hard, yes, it will be less of a hassle to take the motherboard out first then put them in between the area.
  10. Hey, can you guys respond to my thread (linked in this thread) about the power supply?
  11. System Requirements: 500 Watt or greater power supply with two 75W 6-pin PCI Express power connectors recommended (600 Watt and four 6-pin connectors for ATI CrossFireX technology in dual mode)

    Not sure the PSU will last you all that long, but, hopefully it will run.
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