Need best $100 psu and case combo for gaming pc.

Hey. I am in real need of an upgrade for my pc. so I have decided I will get a case and a psu. Sure, the antec 900 is a good choice but I only have $100 to spend on both! I am planning on getting an Ati HD 4850. what would be the best case and psu combo I could get for $100? I would really like my case to be stylish with a side window. it needs to be standard size mid tower. please post links where i can get it.

sorry for bad punctuation & grammer. i'm doing this on my phone and dead tired. i know my question is a bit vague. but what would you do with $100 in your hand, needing a case and psu?

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  1. Here is a link to over 500 case and power supply combo's at

    You'll have to go through them yourself. I doubt there is any high quality combo for $100.00.
  2. Rosewill case and 500 watt PSU - $69.99

    Raidmax Ares ATX-801WB - $39.99

    Antec BP550 Plus 550W - $69.99

    That's $10 over but a good pairing.
  3. Hey. I am still needing ideas.
  4. Does your $100.00 limit include shipping costs?
  5. Shipping is not included in my 100 and should be disregarded.
  6. OK!

    Are planning on installing just one ATI 4850 video card?

    Are you going to do any overclocking?

    Are you going to be playing games? If yes, then which games are your favorite?
  7. Don't forgot whats your CPU wattage?
  8. Yeah. One card. Will be playing games. I like l4d, l4d2, tf2, crysis, call of duty 4 & 5, wow, bioshock, anything really. I will overclock my gfx card. That's it really.
  9. What do you mean my cpu wattage? Its a quad core. But it is like a special power saver so like 15watts.
  10. I checked half a dozen technical references for the ATI 4850 video card. Only one 75 watt 6-pin PCI-e power cable is required. Total power consumption for a quad core based system and one 4850 isn't that bad. During gaming sessions the pc systems used a little less than 300 watts. That's consistent with a Tom's Hardware article published last January about power consumption during gaming.

    I would recommend the Corsair VX450. Corsair has a reputation for high quality power supplies. They consistently earn high marks in technical reviews. They are stable, reliable, and come with a 5 year warranty. It is currently available at for $64.99:

    Here is a link to an excellent technical review:

    That leaves $35.01 for a pc case. The Raidmax Hurricane might work for you:

    I know the price is $39.99 but shipping is free. Free shipping with promo code EMCMMLP24, ends 11/9. If you figure shipping at about $9.00 that makes it $5.00 under your $100.00 budget and you'll be getting a high quality psu and a mid-tower pc case with a window.
  11. Idk, Ummm I didn't spend much time on it, but Antec makes good cases and PSUs, this case is a good/decent one, with a pretty decent PSU.

    With the same shipping promo as JohnnyLucky said.

    Now, you could spend 25 more dollars and spend it on a 650watt PSU and extra cables if you need 'em.
  12. aznshinobi - Very nice combo. Unfortunately the special promo code does not apply. It's only for the Raidmax Hurricane pc case.
  13. Oh, the free shipping is EMCMMLP22 for my antec combo, i said. But umm... Yeah, its your build we're just giving you ideas.
  14. Sorry for 2x post, OCZ is a horrible MIR company, I've seen reviews where they also have horrible customer service. So if you go with OCZ I wouldn't count on getting your MIR.
  15. How's this? $5 over, but there's a $20 rebate for the power supply if you ever get it.

    OCZ StealthXStream 500W ($45, Free Shipping, Deal of the Day. Today only):

    LIAN LI Lancool PC-K56 ($60)

    Chiefvalue (Newegg under a different name?) has the same case for the same price but with free shipping:
  16. Keep in mind he wants a side window in the case.

    Best combination so far.

    Raidmax Ares ATX-801WB Black - $39.99

    Corsair CMPSU-450VX 450W - $49.99 after rebate ($64.99 before rebate)

    $105 before rebate / $90 after rebate.

    Bangu, if you prefer that case you listed, it's just $10 more than the one I linked to.
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