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Have a DELL Dimension 8250, 2.8g, 512mb Rhambus. Installed new 1tb hd and have installed win xp 3 times and still have problems (very slow, get"windows can not find H:/my documents" message every time I start up. Getting new computer and would like to give this to my daughter. Rhambus memory is expensive to replace and motherboard does not support ddr, would I be better off getting new board that supports DDR 2 memory or just get new cheap computer?
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  1. Get a new low end computer. Frys has a compaq presario with amd sempron cpu, 2 gigs of ddr2, and windows 7 for $279.99, but it's in stores only. For Gateway refurbished systems, Renovate may have a model with q8200 Intel quad core cpu, 6 gigs of ddr3, vista premium (with free windows 7 upgrade available) etc. for $370-390 plus shipping. Check fatwallet for current listings. Do a search using "Gateway".
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