2600k Overheating

Hey guys,

I've done a bit of a search on Google but I can't seem to find the ultimate answer.

I've got an i7-2600k in an Asus P8P67 with the stock cooler attached.

I used the TPU switch and OC Tuner in the bios, which didn't seem to budge the temperature too much, but I tried running handbrake to encode some videos and it rapidly increases to above 90 degrees.

I've heard that you can get some quite stable overclock speeds using the stock cooler, and I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be hitting 90 degrees that quickly/easily.

I recently re-greased (Arctic Silver) and I don't see any other reasons for this.

Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. I never recommend OCing with the stock HSF. Others do it, but it adds unnecessary risk.

    That being said, high fast do you have the CPU cranked up to?
  2. MrConcept said:
    I used the TPU switch and OC Tuner in the bios,

    The OC in the BIOS cranks it up to approx. 4.4Ghz, way too much for stock cooling. Reset BIOS to defaults and get a better cooler.
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