Brand new system NO SIGNAL!!!

Alright spec's are Antec 900 Core i7 920 Ocz 1333 1.8V ddr3 ram Evga x58 micro mobo or a GA-EX58-UD3R Corsair 850W Gtx 260 Now to get to the story, we got all the part's put it in, now here we bent some pins on the evga mobo and we didnt know so we sent back to newegg they told us this void's warranty so we went to a local shop bought a GA-EX58-UD3R, And now newegg tells us they will replace motherboard so we have 2 lol. so we everything in new mobo and start it everything running fans gpu the LED lights on the right apparntly say the cpu is loading but the moniter get's no signal. And this new mobo isnt even 5 hours old i dont think that this is the problem the core i7 920 is about 16 days old so we can still send back to newegg and get a free one without question asked or could this be the problem the new motherboard says 1.5v ram and my is 1.8v ram will this prevent it from starting? Help quick!!! btw we dont have evga motherboard back yet they shipping tomorrow.
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  1. You CANNOT use that ram with your system. At best you will get it to run at 1066 CL9. Put in one stick and see if you can get it to boot to bios, then set the memory voltage to 1.65V, any higher and my stand a good chance of burning out your i7's integrated memory controller. A single stick is easier for the motherboard to manage so it may be able to get you to bios but really you need to return the ram and get a 1.65V kit, triple channel will give you the best performance.
  2. Ok i tried with 1 ram stick in every slot and no luck, do you think if i go to a local shop get some lower ram get into bios higher the voltage my ram willl work?
  3. No, the higher voltage ram will never work, if you set it to 1.8V you will destroy your CPU. Intel i5 and i7 memory controllers will burn out if run at voltages higher than 1.65 volts, which is why all triple channel kits and most dual channels kits require 1.65 volts or less. You will need a different set of ram all together if you hope to get 4GB of it running stably.
  4. Alright so your pretty positive it's the ram and not the core i7?
  5. o i made a mistake btw to its 1.7v
  6. Now thats' an Eyeopener....... Does this mean, when OCing the i7...... if the RAM voltages were needed to go higher up...... we'd end up burning the processor mem controller?....
    Well, surprise surprise..... if thats the case...... then i7 does have a problem from where I see it......
    Shouldn't the voltages to the processor be fixed to a maximum or minimum irrelevant of the Voltages to the RAM???
    Being able to change each voltage independently would be a better option and i think that is the strength of the mobo....
  7. This is becoming a little dated, but non the less, this is where you start.
    Before posting, always check the stickies to make sure you are not asking a question that has been asked and answered a thousand times already, and yeah you just asked probably the single most asked question in the entire history of the forum.

    Yes, you do have to be careful raising the memory voltage on an i7 platform, as the memory is now linked directly to a memory controller on the processor. You can ruin the processor.
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