Intel p45 vs asus maximus extreme

im planning on buying a new motherboard and am going for a quad core extreme,temporarily i am going to use my pentium 4 3 ghz with ht on this board .which board is better .the p45 cost a little less than 6000 rupees here in India and the maximus extreme costs arounk 10k-12k.i need some advice.
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  1. asus or gigabyte - I will choose gigabyte p45.
  2. the asus - it helps alot with the overclocking...and since the asus rocks with the 45nm processors
  3. trust me! ur investment into the asus will be worth while. oh and i'd suggest u look for the maximus II formula instead of the maximus extreme - if ur going for crossfire then look for the asus rampage (I) extreme - both of them are awesome!
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