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I have a Samsung 750GB e-SATA drive that doesn't seem to be working. It was originally inside of a GTECH enclosure, and the other day, the GTECH power supply starting blinking and the drive would not mount. When I removed the drive from inside the enclosure and tried mounting it using a SATA Cradle, OR a USB->SATA Adapter, BOTH the cradle and the adapter would "power down" when the drive was inserted. This occurred with two different cradles. I put the drive in, and the power light on the cradle (or the USB adapter) would go out, and the drive would obviously not spin up. When I tried putting the drive inside my Mac Pro using an internal SATA connection, the MAC would not power up! Any ideas? Thanks in advance...

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    I suspect that your drive has suffered an overvoltage on either the +5V or +12V input. This usually results in a shorted protection diode (TVS diode). The simple fix is to remove the shorted diode with flush cutters. However, be absolutely certain that your power supply is OK, as your drive will no longer have overvoltage protection on the affected supply rail.

    If you can upload a photo or scan of the component side of your PCB, one of us will help you identify the faulty component.
  2. Thanks for the was the diode-I ordered a replacement PCB and it works great now!

    Thanks again!
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