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Hello anybody had an no post error code on asrock p55 extreme? error code 16. it just cycles on and off with all fans running. cant find a single reference to it on asrock site or google. nice any ideas?
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  1. i really think i may be the only person in the world with this issue.

    Went through your fault finding checklist and got to the part about ram.

    If i remove the ram i get no error code 16 on dr debug. I get the beeps indicating memory problems.
    I have tried both sticks of ram in every slot and its th same.

    I have OCZ3P20004GK 2 X 2GB ( pc3 16000 9-9-9@ 1.9v)

    i did check the mem QVL

    and it says the memory is compatible in 2gb format.

    is this likley to be the problem?

    i think i need some more ddr3 to try it?

    is i likely to be enough to give me no bios post screen?

    any help would be great thanks
  2. I know this post is old, but I figured I would post a reply so anyone else running into this problem could benefit from how I fixed the error code 16 posting on the ASRock Extreme P55 Motherboard.

    I cleared my CMOS by following the recommended method of turning off the computer, switching the jumper position on the motherboard, and then restarting my computer. The problem resolved. I think it was a bad overclock attempt that caused this issue. I'm not sure because the system was brought to me with the error.

    I am the head technician at
  3. Asrock P55 Extreme takes i3/i5/i7 Lynnefield doesn't it? Those processors only run on upto 1.65V and with the north bridge merge you cant run RAM over that. The early DDR3 RAM was for AMD boards so it still runs at 1.9V, you need new DDR3 RAM that runs at 1.65V
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