Cooler Master Scout two front lights

I have two red lights on the front. Only the right one is on and it stays on.

Which is my Activity light and why is is the right one solid red?

Thanks you.
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  1. The right LED is your Power on indecator, it should be on when the computer is powered on. The left LED is your HDD Activity LED, should come on when your HDD is being accessed.
  2. The left one is not on at all, but the machine runs fine.

    What did I do wrong?
  3. ah you mixed up the positive and negative terminals of the LED, just turn it around and it will work.

    Also just check the you have connected it to the correct pins on your motherboard.
  4. oh before i forget...
    Be sure to turn your computer off before fiddleing on the inside...
    I only say this because in the past i have met people that didn't do it and blamed me for not telling them to...
  5. Can I turn the fans down or slow them down?
  6. If you get a manual fan controller yes.
    As far as i know the fans plug in on the PSU, so they run at max all the time.
  7. Can I slow them in the Bios on my Ausus 790x?
  8. Only if they draw power from your motherboard like the standard CPU fan.
  9. The fans that come with the Scout have molex power connectors... in other words, they just receive power... not a signal from your motherboard/computer that is able to regulate the fan speeds.

    I have a Scout and found the fan noise to be very tolerable. If you want to control the fan speeds, I think you'll either need to switch out the fans or be looking for some adapters that allow them to feed off the motherboard.

    I have ABSOLUTELY no clue if that thing works like it should... I don't know of anyone that has used one, but that would allow you to plug your molex fans into your motherboard.
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