Overclocking GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozr ii

Ok so I just got this card and I was wondering just how far to overclock it to where it's very safe and I don't need more cooling for the card. I'd also like to know what program to use with it, Nvidia System Tools? MSI Afterburner? I don't really know... I really don't want to hurt my computer by overclocking it too far. Anyways thanks...
Oh yes, forgot, I don't really want to change the voltage as I hear that's kind of risky and I don't want to ruin my card immediately.
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  1. the GPU is already overclocked, further OCing can damage your GPU. so be careful
    anyway start increasing the GPU clock by 20-25 MHz and test stability, if it's okay you can go further until you become unstable, then you'll be needing to raise the voltage and that's what you don't wanna do....

    check the temperature of the GPU after you overclock and if you experience a crash or a BSOD during games, go back to stock clocks

    Edit: you'll overclock your GPU using MSI afterburner
  2. What exactly do you mean by "unstable"? Also by how much would be safe to increase the card's voltage? I think I might just overclock it 30-50MHz higher to be safe.
  3. - i mean by unstable (crashing, high temps, freezing) this way you can push to the limits of your GPU.
    - test stability after each frequency you go, (whether it's 30 or 50 or xx)
    - increase GPU vcore by 12.5 mV but only if instability occurs
  4. Ok cool! Thanks so much!
  5. you're welcome, and don't forget to check the temps when you overclock
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