Windows 7 64bit Disk Management is blank

I have a PC with 2 HDD (ATA)
The first - 500 GB Partition 3 (C, D, E,) on C: \ Win7 have 64bit, D and E is the archive.
Second - 1 TB is 2 partition (H: \ and I: \) is only for BIG arhife.

F: partition is a DVD \ RW
G: partition is VirtualDrive (PowerISO)

When I go to Disk Management this pannel is EPMTY. There is nothing, blank ...

I now how to change drive letter (etc. D to E, or other)

Thanks and sorry for my bead English.

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  1. That's very odd. Is this a new build? If so, have you installed the chipset drivers yet?
  2. Do they show up on My Computer? What about Device Manager -> Disk Drives?
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