Good RAM for Crosshair III Formula


What would be a decent set of RAM for the Crosshair III Formula
Motherboard? Are there any manufacturers I should watch out

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  1. corsair, patriot, gskill are all good brands.
  2. I think I'll go for gskill then, but I'm still confused about
    the TimingDimm. Would 7-7-7-21 be good?
  3. the lower the timings the better the ram. most regular ram is 8-8-8-24, so a ram at the same frequency running 7-7-7-21 would be better.
  4. I see, but does that also depend on the Motherboard?
    For the Crosshair, I found a RAM list, and as an example
    7-7-7-21 wasn't supported for G.Skill.
  5. it'll be supported. the ram I have running on my motherboard wasn't listed either, but runs perfectly at the specified frequency and timing.

    the timing and frequency for the ram depends on the ram and bios settings, which will usually be automatically set properly when you boot.

    if these are what you were looking at, then they'll work with your board even if they're not on the list.
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