Striker extreme tweakers utility HELP!

Ive been trying to overclock my cpu and memory using the AI overclock and sli ready memory features,I bought this board because I wanted to overclock my cpu but know nothing about how to do it manually,Ive tried to learn but carnt get my head around any of it.The cpu will overclock 5% but anymore than that and the system will not reboot,I havent attempted to do much with the memory yet.
Does anyone know if there is an idiots step by step guide to using this feature anywhere?
Does anyone know what Im not doing to enable this properly?
Any help would be greatly appreciated,my system is as follows-
asus striker extreme
akasa 600w psu
q9400 cpu
ocz 2x1gb 800mhz sli ready memory
asus gts250 dk x2
500gb sata hd
Thanks, shotdown
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  1. It sounds like you need to increase your CPU voltage.

    What voltage is your CPU running at when you overclock 5%?

    Please keep in mind that overclocking is a touchy subject. In order to get better, some research on your part will help greatly. Start with a Google search on how to overclock with your particular processor and search the results for people who are using your motherboard. Start some notes that include the BIOS settings used, paying close attention to voltages. Then boot into your BIOS and take a look at the settings at your disposal and how to adjust them. I would start with finding the option for saving your system defaults just so you know how to quickly undo any changes and exit with a BIOS setup that works. Your motherboard user manual will briefly describe what your BIOS options do, but again, do some research to learn the why and how of each BIOS option related to overclocking.
    Google is your friend. Your motherboard manual may also help with the AI overclock software. Check it out, read it carefully, and take some notes.

    Visit the forums at some sites dedicated to overclocking. Remember your friend Google?? Do some reading and take notes/save pages.

    Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy way to learn how to overclock, but you can help yourself a lot by doing a lot of reading. Use your motherboard manual. Google. Read relevant posts on forums.

    Best of luck.
  2. Thanks for the reply D13S3L, I have been doing more or less what you suggest but just seem to be going round in circles with a lot of confusing and conflicting info,I was hoping to find someone on here with a similar set up to mine who could give me a few clues as to where to start ie,what should be enabled/disabled in the bios lol.I will keep reading and searching for now in the hope that I might understand some of it.
    once again thanks,
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