Looking for a hard drive upgrade.

Heya, I have an ancient Alienware laptop (Aurora m9700) that the hard drive is acting like its dying in. It currently has 1 Fujitsu MHW20BH in it. Frankly, it is the slowest drive I have ever used in my life other than say, a bigfoot drive. XD

I was hoping to pair up 2 higher capacity drives for RAID in the machine, because this one is so slow, I ~literally~ can't play any modern games on this, even ones I am well within the specs on, because it pages so danged slow when it hits the page file.

I don't really have much experience with hard drives from this generation, I only know anything about old IDE drives, and more modern SATA drives, so I am not really sure whats going to get me the best bang for my buck in this case.

In before telling me to get a new machine, I got this for free from a friend and I don't have money for something new, or I would just do it.
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  1. I don't think I've ever seen RAID run in a laptop nor do I recommend it. I doub't the drive is part of your gaming problem. The big factors in gaming are CPU & GPU.

    If the system is more than a couple years old, any new hard drive will most likely be faster than what you have.
  2. I wish people could just answer the question asked... It is an alienware, it is ~meant~ to have RAID. Also, the CPU and GPU are more than sufficient, in fact, it has ~TWO~ GPUS. As I said, the system is WELL within specs for the games I am trying to play, but when I try to run them, the hard drive just stares at it and runs slow as dog crapola.
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