AMD PhenomII X3 720 BE or X4 810

I am wondering which is the better CPU for gaming the X3 720 BE or the X4 810. These are to only CPU's i am really interested in buying. Some benchmarks show that the 720 outclasses int 810 alot of the time while others show that the extra core and multithreading ability of 810 means that it performs better than the 720. i am confused and in need of help. which one?

AMD Phenom II
ATI HD4870
Coolermaster Elite 355 600watt
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  1. That would depend on what you're using it for.

  2. if ur not an overclocker x3 720, but if you get the 810 and get it up to 3.0ghz whooo nellie

    at stock tho, the 720 is the better choice
  3. as far as I know the 810 is a discontinued/disactivated CPU....
  4. OvrClkr said:
    as far as I know the 810 is a discontinued/disactivated CPU....

    From what I've heard most of the Phenom II X3/X2 line up will be gone as well for the same reason. Both the Phenom II X3 720 and Phenom II X4 8XX processors have been removed from their official priceing guide.
  5. well not in australia they are still being sold. for around $150au. as for the other questions i am going to be gaming on it, and will not overclock out of the box but went the game play starts to become untenable i shall overclock to try and boost the longjevity. same with the graphics card the mobo with take crossfire so when that starts to struggle that i can just get another HD8470 and plug it in.
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