V-sync problem

does enabling v-sync reduced fps in games..........and are nvidia card better for v-sync than ati or vice versa.........
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  1. If you want an excellent explanation, take a look at the following article: 'Triple Buffering: Why We Love It'.

    Basically, vsync forces your GPU to output a frame only when the display is ready to draw a new screen.
    If it is disabled, you can tell your screen to render frames faster than it is capable of which results in tearing.

    +1 to using Google (or even just the 'Search' option...).
  2. Of course, since a moniter can't even display more then its supported Refresh Rate, I see 0 reason to leave Vsync off...

    Using Tripple Buffering helps avoid several of the issues with Vsync, and should be used whenever supported.


    Explains most everything about Vsync/Tripple Buffering
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