Raid 1 setup for M2N68-LA motherboard with Win 7

I resently bought a HP computer with an M2N68-LA motherboard. I downloaded a manual for the board and it said that it was raid compatible but I can't find out how to set it up. I also can't find information on the software raid in Win 7.
Thanks !!
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  1. I'm in exactly the same position, did you have any joy sorting this out?
  2. Where did you get the manual for it as i want to know each part of the motherboard and what it does in case i need to.

  3. He likely got the manual from the ASUS website. It is most likely the M2N68-XXX (means add any letters you want except LA)

    Here is the problem there are multiple revisions of this board for example I have V 3.02 It is written right underneath and to the right of LA.

    You guys may all have different versions which have differences that are large enough to change the game up for the BIOS.

    Now it is my understanding that HP has uses a different type of bios as in one uses award and the other doesn't. Which means you can not load the BIOS from ASUS.

    Which means as far as I know you can not enable the raid support.

    Now one thing that is nice though that you can install windows on a cheap hard drive or a small solid state drive and then in windows you can take other drives that are not system drives and you can make them into a raid array and since on-board raid controllers are fake raid anyways the difference in performance is not going to be noticeable. I would recommend the 2 largest drives you can afford and then short stroke them down to 1/3 the original size. 2 wd black edition 1 or 2tb drives would fly. If you put windows on a solid state then leave the swap file on there if you put it on a smaller slower hd then move the swap file to the raid array and going forward install everything on the raid array and store media on the main drive (unless you have a SSD)

    My setup is 300GB Velocirapter on main drive then 2 WD black 1tb short stroked to 300GB each and then a 2tb wd green for my media and a 64GB SSD for my swap file and whatever games I am currently playing.
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