Got three errors while booting up

Hello :)

I just finished my build with my toaybought computer nad was just about to test it. Before posting the error message, I want you to know somehow I built it.

Almost every cable from the frontpanel( a Coolermaster 932 HAF )is left unplugged ecept for the HD Audio linked to AC'97, where I connected the Yellow HD audio contact to AAFP( I think it's SPDIF )which is a green port. Also the 5 ground wires has been grounded correctly.

I might have forgot to enable any wire, this is my first complete build that I've made fully on my own and with help from my little cat :) If you know a reason why following messages pop up during bootup due to any wrong connected or missing cable please share you knowledge :)

"Keyboard/Interface Error"
"Chassis Intruded !"
"USB Device Over Current Status Detected"
"Shutting Down System in 15 seconds"

All posted in this order, and I think exactly written like this aswell.

I have only enabled Cable for Powersource, USB-Keyboard(in the back) and a DVI Cable in the Left port on a GTX 260 Graphiccard( Lower port, black on MB )

I am using DDR3 2x2gb, socket 775 quad, 600W powersupply, E-sata(red calbe) connected WD Green Caviar 500gb HDD to Esata port 1 on MB and power(4pin)

I am almost sure that the screen has nothing to do with the problem, except for viewing it, but if you want to know, it's called Asus Wv225 something :) 22"

Thanks alot all of you guys who know how to solve this, and you who take time to help me :)

And by the way, the case is open, I have not put on the "shields" yet, might be a problem, don't know :)

Regards and many thanks

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  1. I have also, for your information, connected the J-something( a 2x10 plug ) to a fitting form next to the HDD cable, to the right from the RAM

    I have also read the Sticky Post and checked them all except for number 6, since I do not think that will solve just my problems

    Also, the graphiccard screws isn't holding up the card fully, it's hanging down a few millimetres, no idea why.

    Thanks again :)
  2. As for the keyboard, have you tried any other keyboards? Do you have a PS/2 keyboard you could use just so u can enter the BIOS and check things out? You may not be getting any power to ur USB ports meaning the computer does not recognize a keyboard, giving you that message.

    As for the case intrusion, thats just a security feature. It can be disabled in the BIOS and/or via a jumper on your MOBO. You can read all about this in ur MOBO manual.

    As for the USB error, not sure exactly, but it seems u are having some sort of issue with ur USB ports. Make sure everything is connected correctly and that u are plugging into the USB ports directly soldered to the board in the back. If you could find a PS/2 keyboard, u could get into the BIOS and check some of this stuff out.

    P.S. - physically closing ur case should also fix that intrusion error, but u should really just disable it
  3. Thanks for your help

    Although, closing the case didn't really help, and as I can remember from the old days when I used to build Pentium cpu's on Mb's made of wood, there was no need to connect the Fronpanel USB wires.

    But I'll find a ps2 keyboard and try, thanks again :)
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