Plans for my New rigg.

So guys i am building my new rig and i have a few questions.

Is it true that systems with 6 GB may infact be faster than 12 gb hence less memo to seek? And is it generally true that typically, even gamers dont fill up 6gb ( trying to save as much money here lol). Need extra suggestions here, i will probably only buy mushkin.

Also if budget was no an issue, would the i7 975 performance better than i7 920 clocked to 3.33GHZ?
I plan to use CoolMaster V10, but does it actually perform better than V8? (Either way i'll probably get v10 just because it looks really nice lol)

As for the PSU, not sure how much i need , i am looking at bfg's 1200watt one , the corsair HX 1000 have better quality but, is that quality going to show a difference in performance anywhere?

(using 2 SSD in raid 0 and rest above. )
How much power do i usually need for this setup.
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  1. Read the two threads in my signature below...

    I would look at the enthusiast build for what you are wanting to build or the Core i7 Gamer build. You don't list a monitor size so I would go with the Hanns-G 27.5" I have linked to in my "Recommended Builds..."

    3SLI GTX285 is the most powerful setup...

    Lower CAS timings are more important to performance then if it is a 1333 or 1600 ... Most people will recommend the OCZ Platinum 1600 6GB (3x2GB) CAS 7 memory for the Core i7.

    Stick with the Core i7 920 over the 975... just not worth price difference.

    Don't get either of the CM V coolers. It isn't worth the price... Stick with the Xigmatek Dark Knight for price to performance.

    Get the Corsair HX1000 or the PC Power&Cooling 1200 PSU if you do plan to run 3SLI.
  2. uh for other repliers, i would like you to disregard the price.
  3. unlimitedro said:
    uh for other repliers, i would like you to disregard the price.

    Are you saying you have no budget, so the sky is the limit? or do you have a specific budget to keep the build under?
  4. Let me clarify myself, as for the CPU cooler, as long as its on air and under 150, i just want the best performance.

    For memory, anything 6 dimm 6 gb or 12 under 200 with best performance.

    for psu , anything under 260 and over 900 watt.
  5. unlimitedro said:
    mostly under 3400

    You take the enthusiast build I put together in my thread, plus the Hanns-G monitor and switch out the 275's for two 285's you will still be about $1,000 under your budget! Switch out to the Corsair HX1000 PSU on my build, that setup will be able to max everthing out (Crysis, excluded if course) and then some. There is truly no need for 3SLI, specially with ATI's DX11 cards coming out late Sept, which wil compete & beat the current Nvidia cards.
  6. hah i guess its just a waiting game then. any point of getting the p6t6 then ? maybe ill wait for nvidia's 40 nm and tri sli that lol.
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