2 5 SATA HDD Enclosure not recognized

I have a new 25o Gig HDD which I have placed in an external case that I want to use as a new HDD to UPGRADE THE EXISTING 160 hdd. Major problem is Vista shows recognizing mass storage only on task bar not on computer window. How do I get Vista to recognize external new SATA so it can be cloned?
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  1. Have you partitioned and formatted the drive? If not, Windows won't assign a drive letter to it and you won't see it in the "computer" window. Do this:

    Start -> Right-click "Computer" and select "Manage"

    Click "Disk Management" in the left pane

    Scroll down to the BOTTOM of the MIDDLE pane. You should see your new disk there with a label of "Disk 1" or "Disk 2", etc. Right-click on it to create a new volume (this partitions the drive) and then format it.

    Once it's been formatted Windows will assign the next available drive letter and it will appear in the "Computer" window.
  2. Yea go into 'Disk Management' and you should see your external hard drive as 'Disk 1' since i think you are working with a laptop. On the right-side of the screen you should be a large white box next to 'Disk 1' with a capacity size of about 230GB or so. However it may say unallocated or not initialized. Go ahead and initialze/partition/ and format it. Once that is done, Vista will assign it a new drive letter and it will then show up in your 'computer' window.
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