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Hey this might be a crazy question but I want to build a File server and I'm already a Mac fan (rip on me if you like but it's what I prefer) anyways I want to know if it would be possible (on the hardware side and on the software side) to put Macintosh Hard drives into a PC case or am I looking at a HUGE amount of extra work. If I am then can someone suggest something else. The reason I'm opposed to using a Mac case is that there's usually not a whole lot of room to add extra drives and I'm aiming to eventually have a 3 TB server.
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  1. Well... Um... Mac hard drives.. They are the same ones as PC hard drives.......Just apple has put a little logo and their approval on it.. Just build a hackintosh!!!!! read about it here

    If i get what you are trying to say is that you want a MAC but you need more space to put your hard drives?

    Just put together a technically "PC" system from scratch on and make sure the parts are compatible with OS X at insanelymac.

    Put 4x1TB drives in it in RAID 1 mirroring and you have a Mac file server !

    If you are wondering how to put OS X on a pc, just look up iAktos or iDeneb on google. It is fairly straight forward you just need to make sure your parts you get are compatible first.
  2. Sorry I didn't explain myself very well. I have a Mac laptop I want to build a File server because I only have about 100 GB on the laptop. So my issue is this is it worth building the server with Macintosh hard drives so I don't run into issues down the road with compatibility.
    I.E. when building a server to run with a macintosh laptop is it better to use actual mac hard drives or is that not going to make any real issues.
    ALSO is a mac hard drive going to be physically compatible with a PC tower (I just want to use a PC tower because there's usually more ports to instal hard drives usually Macs only have to room for one hard drive)
    Hopefully I've cleared up my question...?
  3. Mac and PC hard drives are formatted differently. There's only a pay NTFS driver to let the Mac write to the drive, but it can read it ok. PCs can't even read Mac (that I know of).

    I use an old 2001 Mac G4 733 box running 10.3 with a Drobo through USB2 (added a card). Cost $200 plus $30 for the card. Works great, comes with 1 gigabit on the mobo. Not fast, but it's the backup server. You'll need a 10.4 or higher to maintain the Drobo.
  4. If you just need a file server why not simply use an external drive formatted in exFat of format it using the disk utility in mac if you are not planning on using it with a Win box. There are relatively inexpensive NAS that you can use also which will work with both platforms.
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