Cann't access drives on win 7

i have installed win 7 with all up dates. have 4 drives oncomputer. 1 ide and 3 sata. it reconizes ide drive (boot device) a 500 gig sata drive. i have two 2tb drives. they show drive icons in my computer but no drive info and cann't access. going into storage managment the drives are there but says they are raw. i cann't reformatte drives or anything. if i put my hard drive with xp on it i can access drives and read and write to them. what have i missed.
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  1. Win 7 needs the XP drive because that is where the boot file is located. Is win7 an upgrade version or a full install? Is win 7 installed on a seperate drive or on the XP drive?
  2. win 7 ultimate installed on separate drive it is a clean install. i did find a hotfix for win 7 not reconizing large format drives having to do with 4k blocks but it did not help
  3. forgot it is 32 bit
  4. also, it will reconize 500gig external drives but nothing larger. have several 2tb external drives and it will reconize them
  5. tried hooking up as a external drive and will not reconize it but will reconize other 2tb drives i have. but the two 2tb drives that were in computer it won,t reconize them no matter how i configure
  6. this is odd have original win 7 ultimate 32 bit with all updates won' swhow 2tb drives says they are raw. got a bootleg copy of 7 off of internet and it shows drives and they work properly.
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