How to recover my C partition.

I have just accidentally formatted my C partition using Paragon Partition Manager

I am just out of sense! Huge amount of important data is lost.

I know there are some good recovery software out there.

Can anyone suggest me what could be the best software at this moment to recover my lost data or just to un-format the partition.

> which one is going to be safer? Recovering the partition or recovering the files?

> My PC is not bootable anymore. I am looking for a software that will be installed on a pen drive and it will be able to revert the formatted partition to its original state.
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  1. this free partition wizard as well as other free tools they have and it may help you. I have used this for awhile now and it works very good. You can install this on a dvd or cd and boot into your computer with it.
  2. I started using, Ontrack EasyRecovery Pro and It successfully recovered some files.
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