Motherboard does not post with both memory installed

I have a Asus m4a785td-v evo motherboard, which does not post now. There is not beep or anything. just a repetitive scrubbing kinda sound. I have through trail and error found that if I plug in both the ram modules, it does not post. but if I leave in only one of them, then the machine comes up with no problems. I have swapped the memory modules, but it does not matter. leaving one in, give me no problem. leaving them both in and machine does not even post. any help is welcome
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  1. After booting with 1 stick, enter the BIOS and make sure the memory settings are correct. Especially voltage, that is the usual culprit.
  2. The BIOS shows under
    Advanced - JumperFree configuration - Memory Timming and Voltage,
    Memory Clock Mode: Auto
    DRAM Timing Mode: Auto
    Memory Overvoltage: Auto

    Nothing was changed in any of the BIOS before the problem.

    Which would be the suspect in this case.
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