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Hello All,

I wasn't sure whether to categorize this here or somewhere else, but I figured since I was asking for help/suggestions/feedback semi related to the way my case is set up, this was a better location. I recently grabbed an HP Pav a6500f for my girlfriend to play her games (So she gets off my rig) and was sitting down to grab a graphics card for it. The issue I have is that the unit has a mATX board mounted upside down/backwards from normal. ( Flip the image 180 degees clockwise and you'll see what I'm looking at.

So, the PCI-E port will sit directly under the PSU with the fan on it pointing up into the space between the PSU and my optical drives. Now, I'm not a madman when it comes to cooling (Don't use water, don't buy CRAZY GFX card, SLi/Crossfire) I was planning on getting an Nvidia 250 or so, just something that will run SIM3/WOW etc. (No Crysis/Modern Warfare or anything with massive needs) I know size is an issue and I'll be measuring by throwing and 8800 GT in to test the fit.

My question is, give the oreintation of the how the card will go in (upside down and the fan direction into the PSU/Optical drive gap and the top face of the card facing down) Do I really need to worry? I know these systems weren't designed for crazy gaming and what not but it's just supposed to be a slightly better than average game player.

Any suggestions or comments or (As I'm prone to do) am I just being to critical and worrying to much? Any help/input is appreciated. Thank you.
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