Updating my gaming pc

Ok well its been a year and a half i think? since i built my 1st gaming pc.

heres the Specs:
*AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ Windsor 3.2GHz 2 x 1MB L2 Cache Socket AM2
*COOLER MASTER eXtreme Power 600W
*G-Skill ddr2 800 4gb (4x1gb)
*Radeon HD 3850 512MB
*Seagate Barracuda 7200 250GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache
*ASUS M2A-MVP AM2 AMD 480X CrossFire

Ok well recently i just started getting into pc gaming again and well i thought id work on my pc again. Im amazed how fast computer parts are advancing :o it makes me feel like my pc is under par which it is, compared to others.

I currently dont have the funds to build a totally new badass computer with like i7/quad core processors :(

So im thinking of just upgrading my pc parts to keep up with upcoming games. Currently the only pc games i play is wow and l4d but i plan on playing more.

The things i plan on doing to my desktop are:
- either get another hd 3850/3870/4870 to do a crossfire set up (always wanted to try that out)

- perhaps taking out two of the 1gb memory sticks and replacing it with two 2gb sticks so i get 6 gbs total. Or just take all the 1gb sticks out and put 2gb sticks in each slot so i have 8gb of memory

-Currently i am running vista ultimate 32 bit and not 64 bit because i got it for only $10 from school.... but am thinking of just getting the 64bit soo i can run more then current 3gb of memory my pc is currently running.

Any suggestions to what i should do? Any input would help. :hello:
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  1. I would just grab a nice HD 4870 on the cheap here:

  2. The CPU isn't to bad, but its quickly getting passed. I don't think your motherboard will support any of the newer CPUs however, so you'll need a new motherboard if you want to upgrade the CPU. At this point your probably better off getting a 4850 while you wait to upgrade everything else. Should be around $125, and will let you enjoy new games for awhile. Dump what you have, upgrade to something better.
  3. If i get a 4870 should i run it by itself or would i be able to run it with the 3850 i have right now

    ya my mobo wont support the newer stuff but ehh didnt even think of quadcores back then.... ill be having a refund from my school but i dont look to spend close to a grand on a gaming pc again... most ill prob spend this time around is $300
  4. firrst upgrade i've learned is first max out your ram the better graphics card
  5. the 4870 is 5 times more powerful then the 3850
  6. If your on a budget, i Suggest upgrading your Graphics card first, and move onto the motherboard and memory, then cpu ( since yours is quite fast already )

    4890 should do nicely and also very overclockable so It should last a while.
    I wouldn't recommend crossfiring a 3850 with a 4 series card because it would probably bottleneck it. and also if you crossfire, your pci e slots would run at 8x 8x. =)
  7. Get rid of your 3850, that is your biggest problem. Even in Crossfire, a new single modern card will simply trounce 3850's in Crossfire. Honestly, the rest of your system is still pretty good. Decent enough that a couple hundred on a new video card will sure bring some life back to it.
    Processor, though becoming dated is fine. At 3.2ghz, it is fast enough to drive all but the most very high end expensive cards to their fullest. And even the very high end cards would work fine, with only minor bottlenecking.
    You might even be able to bump a couple hundred more mhz out of it. But it is FINE.
    Buy a single 4980, or even a GTX260. They are about 20 bucks less.
    Stay with XP, stay with the memory you have. There is no advantage on your machine to move to a 64 bit OS, other than DX10, which is not that big of a deal. The only reason you would NEED more memory is if you do move to Vista or Windows 7, although I understand 7 is much better on memory than Vista is.
    If you stay with XP for now, you have plenty of memory.

    Other than the video card, save your money till next spring and take a look at what's available, and start a new build if you feel the need.
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