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Everytime I go to my school and use the pc there , it's such a pleasure to work with. They are extremely fast , I never used a pc that fast in my life. The pc's I think are workstations , cpu is e6550 (the sticker on the case says "intel vPro" , so it must be some workstation cpu. Windows and apps are blazing fast. My question is why isn't my q9550 as fast as e6550? My q9550 has 4 cores @ 2.83 ghz , the e6550 has 2 cores at 2.33 ghz if I remember correct. The difference is big enough for me to open this thread. :D
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  1. What programs have you used and reached the conclusion that E6550 is faster than your Q9550 ?
  2. You probably have a lot of "crapware" installed that is slowing your computer down. The school PCs, on the other hand, have no programs installed so it's a clean OS.
  3. How much "junk" is running in your background or at startup? Do you run routine scans for malware/viruses? Do you defrag your HDD on a monthly basis (at least)?

    I agree with BlueScreenDeath. They may have relatively clean OS's installed compared to yours. Those PCs may also have very little software running on start-up.
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