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Building a budget gaming / Video Editing rig. I have a Core2 Duo E8400 (3.0) and will probably purchase a 5770 graphics card. I was wondering which Motherboard would make more sense. They're both close in price, I was partial to the Gigabyte but the asus has true (16x/16x) crossfire and takes ddr3. I am interested in crossfire down the road but not sure if the performance difference between the 16x/8x ddr2 gigabyte and 16x/16x ddr3 asus is that big of a deal. Especially considering the cpu and graphics card i will be using. Anyone have thoughts on these two or a different suggestion is welcome?

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  1. it really doesnt matter that much ,the rig's memory, otherwise would be the x16/x8 cf combo but it lags by a frame or 2 not that much of noticing in real gaming .
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