Athlon 435?

Guys i done an earlier thread which i decided for a Phenom x4 920,

But found a few sites with infomration on these does anyone no anyone who has used this chip and is it better the the athlon x 2 250 ,

I hear its very close to the Phenom x3 720 (funny enough the site actually comapred both and the 435 was not far off)

So is this ok for gamining

Call of duty
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  1. Anand: "Compared to Intel, I like the Athlon II X3 435. Compared to AMD, I'd take a quad-core 620."

    I think the 620 scored better in multi-threaded stuff (of course) but the 435 OC'ed higher with lower volts.

    Good luck with this decision :D

    edit: I fergit.

    Haven't really heard anything about the unlock on the 435 --- may want to check over at XS on that ...
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