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Hi all, I finally ordered an SSD. It's the Corsair 115 GB job. I read the SandForce 1200 controller is one of the best so for $158.00 @ Newegg I figure it is a good deal. I know its not the cutting edge but I think its good enough for my needs.
I was just wondering if theres anything I need to know before I install windows and other programs?

The main applications I will install are Windows 7 HP 64 bit, Norton anti virus, CCC, Microsoft office Home and Student, Apple iTunes, Age of Empires and COD games.

1. Do I need to update the firm ware?

2. Is there any problem with MS or STEAM when you try to reinstall windows and COD the 2nd time?

3. Do I install all these applications on the SSD and use my current WD 1TB HD for pictures, video, music and documents only?

4. Can I store the song files on the Hard Disk and the iTunes application only on the SSD? Does that make sense?

Four questions and who ever you are thanks for your time. I've learned so much from you folks its a shame governments can't communicate like we do here.
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  1. tecmo34 said:

    Why do you keep sending me an email telling me answers were provided that link me back to my original question? I've seen that answer but still have other questions. I did select a best answer. I'm a little perplexed.
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    I have not sent you email telling your answers were provided. It is a function of the forum that whenever you open a "question" thread every week or two it sends you a reminder that answers have been provided and you haven't selected a best answer. You typically have two courses of action... 1) provide a best answer nod, or 2) continue to ignore and they will stop over time.

    When I posted in this thread, I noticed this was a double post of the same questions that answers were provided in the thread I linked ( ). If you have different questions, please ask them here or I can simply delete this thread and you can start another one.
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