Would Sli Really Benefit Me? I Need Help!

I am a new guy here and I was just wondering would sli really benefit me as twoards a single GPU would? I was looking into sli GTX 260 but i really need you guys help and opinion becasue i really dont know because ive never did sli before in my life :sarcastic: I recently upgraded to a EVGA 790I Ultra Sli and a cooler master V8 cooler for the cpu but I dont want my video card bottlenecking it to the point I cant see the real performancee of my CPU. I really need opinions and thoughts guy thanks alot Computer Specs Below.

My System:
Intel Q9650 3.00Gh
EVGA 790I Ultra FTW (soon to be)
4GB Of Ram
VISTA Ultimate 64bit version
Cooler master V8 CPU cooler
600WATt Power Supply Sli Capable
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  1. Depends on the resolution (not screen size) that you game at and how much eye candy you want together with how low an average framerate you can put up with.
  2. I have a acer 21.5 monitor that can go up to 1920X1080? I mean thats a pretty high resolution isnt it? For a normal video card that would kind of kill it right?
  3. You my friend fulfil the required criteria for SLi, if you could find another 9800GTX+ for a small amount that would most likely hold you over until the G300's arrive or get a couple of 260's but then it's the question of when is the best time to get them.
  4. well there on sell on newegg for a relativley cheap price and this is going to be my final upgrade for the past 2 or 3 upcoming year's . I really dont like the 9800GTX+ to be honest because there still selling on newegg/ebay up into the 150$ range wtf? This card is old as #### I found a GTX 260 cheaper than that! Its perfect I really dont care for the upcoming video cards because I know I wont be able to afford them -_- so why not go sli and be happy? As I see it
  5. I've been running a pair of 8800GT's for over a year and a half now and even at 19 x 10 they are still chucking out framrates in high double figures with eye candy on, the 9800GTX+ is a variant so I'm not really surprised, on some sites in the UK they are no longer listed.
  6. To really benefit and not bottleneck the cards, you should overclock your cpu. With that cpu and cooler, you can easily get 3.8 - 4.0Ghz. What brand psu do you have? A crappy 600W psu may not be able to handle gtx260 sli.
  7. According to Nvidia, 500W is the minimum for a single GTX 260 and you want another 180W for the second one. Also you need two 6 pin pcie power plugs per GTX 260. I have doubts that power supply will handle it.

    A single 260 (or 275) should be about the same speed as two 9800s in SLI and should let you run most everything at good resolutions for the next few years.

    I think there is an older 260 that has less than 216 cores (and thus lower performance).
  8. I used to have a BFG 9800GTX+ and it was pretty awesome.... my only issue was that the card was a power hog compared to my newer 250.... I tested the GTX+'s in SLI it was quite impressive....Of course I had an 850w PSU so there was no isssue as far as the 6 pin connectors but the heat that was comming from my case got to the point that it made me feel like i was in a sauna "losing major weight" so i decided to trade up the card for a 260..... the 260 runs as hot as the GTX+ but it is only 1 card so i guess i can deal with the ambient temp going up a tad for now......
  9. I would upgrade to gtx 260 sli. They run any game you throw at them and should last you 2 years (of course with lower settings). Or you could wait dx11 cards are around the corner.
  10. I mean if not 260 what about 250's?? I heard there just 9800GTX+ with a new name I dont want that =( and the 260's I was looking at was the older version I believe not the 216 would it be that much of a performance difference between the 216 and older one? Thanks alot guys for the advice
  11. the gts 250 is a slightly modified 9800gtx+.
    The performance between is 192sp vs 216sp is slightly different. The (gtx 260 216sp) run about 5-10% faster. So sli you would see a difference of about 15%.
    Remember you can catch up to the 216sp if you overclock but gtx 260 216sp overclocks as well.
    How much is the price difference?
  12. <22" monitors go up that high? I noticed the question mark next to the resolution, if your not sure, double check If your at 1680x1050, you don't need SLI.
  13. 4745454b said:
    <22" monitors go up that high? I noticed the question mark next to the resolution, if your not sure, double check If your at 1680x1050, you don't need SLI.

    MY 22" Samsung has a native res of 1920 x 1080, so yes they do.
  14. Nah Im pretty sure I play my Ps3 and xbox 360 in Pure 1080P Acer is the stuff love there products ;)
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