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I have a i7-2700K lightly overclocked to 4.4ghz. I ran the prime95 inplace large FFT's stress test and RealTemp showed temps hovering around 67-69c for 32 hours straight. I have read others are overclocked higher and are running cooler.

So should I attempt to reapply the thermal paste? Will making the chip run cooler lengthen the life of it? or is it just not worth the hassle?

I am air cooled and running a COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 to cool the CPU.
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  1. I'm not surprised at those temps if you ran it for 32 hours......
    Whats normal idle temps? and do a one hour run of Prime for stress temps
  2. Idle temps are from 27-29c. How do I run a stress test in prime95? I see only three options and they don't mention stress.
  3. All of them stress the cpu, just in different applications, go for a blend test which I believe is a balanced stressing, but an hour should give you a good idea of temps, gaming etc wont push 100% like prime will
  4. I ran it and no change in temps. Still max out at 69c.
  5. Ran at push pull it will give more cool. Also try with different thermal paste like AS5
  6. +1 to both the above replies, new paste, two fans on the 212 or just one?
    if one, get another, and whats your voltage? you may be able to drop it slightly yet retain stability
  7. Have to think about it. I am currently using artic silver 5. I'll switch to the new paste and try that. Only one fan.

    However is it really worth the hassle? I mean I use it to render video a few times a week but other than that it's just an internet surfer.
  8. worth it yes, those temps are very very close to the chips limit,
    once your cooler gets blocked up with dust and gunk, it wont cool as effectively then its Bsod time for you
    every two minutes
    your call though obviously
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