Windows xp profesional system does not support hibernation

I have seen many treads on this subject and have tried all the repairs I can possibly try. I have a dell Latitude E5500 computer that will not hibernate or standby. The standby option is greyed out.
I checked and downloaded the newest chipset drivers from the Dell website as well as update my Bios. I have plenty of free space on my hard drive and I used a third party defragmenter to make sure I had plenty of continous room on my hard drive. If I try to turn the hibernate option on using the Command prompt I get a message saying system does not support hibernation. If I check my power option the hibernate tab is missing.
I did a update/repair using the windows XP sp3 disk thinking this might fix it. I could not find a switch in my bios to set to S4 or anything like this.
Now here comes the weirdest thing. At one point I disabled all the services and start up programs using MSconfig and for a short time I had standby as an option on shutdown and the hibernate tab in power options came back. This lasted about 2 minutes and now I can't re-create this again. This computer is not very old and came from dell with SP3 installed. Hibernate and standby did work at one time. I am a controls engineer so my computer spends a lot of time unplugged. The hibernate feature is very helpfull to me and I would greatly appricieate any help I can get in finding out why it won't work. I still have a hardware warranty on this computer so if it's hardware I can possibly have it fixed by dell but all the hardware test I have ran came back good.
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  1. Did you reinstall all the chipset drivers after you performed the repair with the XP CD?

    Dell sometimes have special hardware. You may need to install other Dell software, such as the system utilities.
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