Can my fried PSU fry my CPU and not my MB?

Fried my PSU, i plugged in another power supply and the MB works fine, but the power supply only has a 4 pin cpu power cable so my cpu couldent power up. Is it possible the PSU fried my CPU and not my MB?
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  1. I think you need the proper x pin connector for the cpu, and that's probably why it's not powering up.
  2. You can plug the 4 pin plug into the left or lower half (depending on how it is oriented) of the 8 pin connector. Either way, the yellow wires should face outward toward the edge of the PCB.

    Because the motherboard's power regulator is between the PSU and CPU, it's possible but unlikely the CPU is fried.

    And without the CPU, how do you know if the motherboard is OK?

    Troubleshooting ideas:
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