Video locking up have to reboot. Any ideas?

Just put in this 9800gt to replace a 9600gt card that kept over heating. I did update the drivers and the bios. when ever zi try to play any cod or unreal tourney,Doom etc it the video locks up and most of the time I have to power down to reboot. Any ideas?
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  1. It could be a defective video card.
  2. This is the second 9800gt card I had to install. The first one was a dead soldier. This one works with every other app but the games I want to play.

    Thanks for the imput anyway.
  3. I have an old Radeon 1950 Pro that does that too. It works fine in 2D, but it eventually locks up in 3D. Running 3DMark06 might be a good test.
  4. I agree. Run a bench test and see what happens. Post a score if it doesn't crash.

    Take a look at it's temps, too.

    A 9800GT doesn't require too much in the ways of energy to run, but what are your system specs, including PSU?
  5. system specs are in my sig except the psu and hard drive. for some reason they wont show up. anyway I have a ocz pro extreme 1000watt psu. and a 1tb segate hd. I'll try to get the 3dmark and run a test.

    Thanks for the info!!
  6. ok I got 3dmark and ran it. It crashed. LOL I did get an error Idirect 3d9: get device caps failed : not available (d3derr_not available) It never gave me a report to foward to Microsoft although it said it would after reboot. I tried to look it up and so far all I found was a forum on how someone wrote it wrong in a window.

    I'll go on and buy the full 3dmark program so I can enjoy it like the rest of you.

    If anyone might know how to fix this prob please let me know.

  7. You had that error because you didn't download and install path 1.1.0 or the February 2008 hotfix. I had the same error when I tried to run it on Windows Server 2008 64-bit.
  8. Ok I ran a second test that seemed to work. All I have is a link to where I saved it on their site for the moment. Still have to pay for it lol.

    I'll check into that dl your talking about. Thanks
  9. If 3DMark06 runs fine, then other 3D applications should also run. Do they lock up immediately?
  10. Sometimes immediatly some time about 3 to 5 minutes in to the program.
  11. Also I almost forgot I'm about to upgrade the os to xp pro 64 bit. Just waiting on ups. He should've been here 3 hrs ago. lol

    I'm wondering if that might fix my problem or cause more of them. hmmm...
  12. If anything I would think it would make things worse. The driver support for 64-bit XP is pretty poor. If you're going to upgrade the OS you should use a modern OS like Vista or Windows 7. You can currently get Vista with a free upgrade coupon for Windows 7 or you could just download the RC for free and use it for a few months until it expires.

    Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 64-bit for System Builders w/ Tech Guarantee - OEM $109.99

    The Windows 7 RC download page is located here:

    Edit: This almost sounds more like an overheating problem like mentioned above. What are your idle and load CPU & GPU temps?
  13. I checked the drivers and found that there was a new driver for the video card and the onboard sound. So I installed them and rebooted and I got on WAW multiplayer to see what happens and to check temps.

    The game didn't crash this time and the temps at idle were cpu 108 gpu 90. during the game cpu 118 and gpu 98. Mind you this is the first time these temps were this low. Strange..

    As for xp pro 64 Ths system components were designed for that from what I read before ordering them. I really don't like vista since I could never get any of my old games to work on that OS. (Note.. other comp that was store bought.) Not sure if this system will work with win 7.
  14. If it's the system in your signature, it will work just fine. I currently run 64-bit Windows 7 on my main computer and 32-bit Windows 7 on my backup computer. The backup computer is pretty old, but runs pretty good with Windows 7. It's a Pentium 4 @ 2.8GHz with 1GB of RAM, so it's much older than your system.

    I'm guessing your temps are in Fahrenheit, because if those are Celsius they're way to high. :)
  15. Yes the temps are fahrenheit. And thats good to know about win 7 I'll keep it in mind for the next upgrade when I get the intel 9650 cpu.

    That is the chip I wanted in the beginning but just couldn't bring myself to spend the 1500 bucks at the time.

    Thank You for the help
  16. New development. This morning I got online with WAW and after an hour of play it locked up. I checked the gpu fan and it wasn't spinning. I hit it with compressed air and it started working again but I had to reboot to get video again. The temp went to 143f.

    Does anyone know of a gpu cooler that will work with this card?
  17. Ok I added a zalman cooler to the vid card and the temps are fine about 50f cooler under load. But the video still locks up. and the colors bo nuts and I have to reboot to get video back again. This is the 3rd video card this happens with. I'm starting to think it's something else with the system. Like the OS or the cpu.
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