Help! Which Graphics card for new rig?

I just built a new gaming rig and i have been going crazy over what gpu to put in it. I cant decide whether to go with a ati or nvidia card; crossfire or not, there are a couple of cards that i am looking at. gtx 260oc, gtx 275, hd4890, 2 hd4770 crossfire. price range from $110 to $245. I play a couple of games fsx, hawx, moh, crysis. Can anyone help me decide? do i need crossfire or do these games play better on singel gpu.

amd 720be @3.6
foxconn am3 motherboard 790gx with crossfire support not sli
2 wd black 640gig raid 0
zalmen cooler
g skill 8 gig ddr3 @ 1066

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  1. WHAT is your PSU? (Exact specs, please).
    WHAT is your monitor resolution?
    WHAT is your budget?
    WHAT are your gaming uses? Do you game a lot? If so look at a faster card, if not then something cheaper will do the job and save some hard earned cash.
    WHAT is the maximum airspeed velocity of an unladen Swallow?
  2. Psu is cosair 650w
    monitor is 24" full hd 1920 x 1080
    buget under $250
    I do game alot mostly fsx and hawx
  3. Well, the dual 4770's would spank everything else you've listed here, though i've always been more fond of a single more powerful card.

    I think comparatively the GTX260's are over priced and they need to come down to match their ATI counterparts.

    2x 4770 > GTX275 > ATI 4890 > GTX260
  4. I also would rather a faster single gpu.
    so i am thinking of the gtx275 or 285 but the 4890 has such a great price point right now $199
    I am mostly going to be playing fsx the most, and ive heard that nvidia cards are better for fsx!
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