Low power, video editing system under $500

BUDGET RANGE:$500-$600
SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Heavy multitasking via web applications, video editing (non-HD, using adobe premier elements, but will upgrade as funds become avail)

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, mouse, monitor, speaker


PARTS PREFERENCES: I prefer intel, but also open to AMD




- I want a quite and cool PC. Low power consumption/good power efficiency is necessary, except for the times when I actually do CPU intensive operations (video encoding and stuff).
- I prefer fast RAM and high clock CPU; I don't need quad core.
- On board graphics is okay. Or if I can use my old ATI (AGPx2), that'll do for now. Later I'll upgrade to a descent graphics card.

Thanks bros!!!
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  2. batuchka said:

    Thank you for your quick reply.
    I have a newbie question.

    The MOBO you recommended has a 1GB DDR3 sideport memory which seems to be used for the on board ATI HD 4200.
    I don't understand how this triple channel DDR3 thing works, but don't I need 3 same DDR3 memories?
    I'll have 2 GB x 2 DDR3 and 1 GB separately if I build the system as you recommended.

    Also, how is the overclocking capacity of the MOBO/CPU combination?
  3. 1. It means u can set video ram up to 1GB in BIOS and it will not eat up system RAM. This sideport memory is independent of system RAM
    2. Its a dual channel 4 DIMM mobo so run DDR3 memory in pairs and ya same frequency

    3. I have personally built on far cheaper AM2+/DDR2 mobos (personally and for clients) with 710 like Biostar TA760G: I can actually OC whilst undervolting @ 1.17V @@ This is designed as an enthusiast mATX even hehe

    4. My documented project log running with P2X3 710 including temps, clocks, volts and pics with a far far humbler mobo :P
    It runs super cool considering you getting considerable processing power under the hood IMO
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