A flawed design in CPU Coolers.

I have Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3, G.SKILL Ripjaws (with big teeth), i7-2600k, 850w modular psu. Would to like to buy a 500R carbon cosair case (with a 200mm side fan) and one maybe two 6950 video cards when I can get a better price for them. My question is I looked into cpu coolers and almost all of them are too wide enough to cover my ram slots. I plan on using all four of my slots. Can anyone recommend me a quaily cpu cooler that won't get in the way of anything. I want to use the 200mm side fan but in this case, will the cpu cooler be in the way?
Here are the links to my motherboard and computer case. Thanks in advance.
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  1. High DDR3 1.5v Ram heat spreader are show only, they are NOT needed. Even running 1.65v Ram sticks don't need high heat spreaders, all show. Stick with 1.5v Ram, SB likes it.

    So, once you take the Ram out of your equation, the CPU cooler shouldn't be a problem, just get the spec's on your case and purchase one that fits the case and provides the cooling you need.
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    Even monster heatsinks will go over ripjaws like so:

    And the 500r is big enough to fit pretty much every hsf. You mentioned the 212+ in your other thread. That will fit nicely.
  3. I like the NH-D14 cpu cooler. Will that fit in the Corsair Carbide 500R case with the 200 side fan or should I get the smaller NH-C14?
  4. The d14 will fit.
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