Will an SSD migrated from XP to win7 be "fixed" by better support?

Hi guys,

First thanks to everyone who contributes to the forums, I am not overly knowledgeable but know just enough to get myself in trouble and tom's forums is always the first place i come to find answers to my questions and almost always find them without even having to post. However, I have a question i haven't had much luck finding specific information on.

I have two 120gb GSKILL Phoenix Pro SSD's I bought on black Friday. I have had one installed in an XP system since then...so almost 6 months, with relatively light usage. I recently put together a different machine with various parts I already had, along with some I got from a friend. I installed Win7 Ultimate on it with the other brand new phoenix pro as the system drive.

There are a few questions I have moving forward.

1. Do you think it would be worth it to use the second(used with xp) ssd as a drive for programs and games? Or should it just be left in the XP machine?

2. If it is moved to the win7 machine, will the trim commands and enhanced ssd support "rejuvenate" the drive or is it forever deteriorated from being used with windows xp for 6 months.

I am most interested in the win7 machine being as fast as possible, but if you guys dont think using the second ssd in it will make a difference, I am certainly not opposed to leaving it as is. I am not necessarily concerned with capacity either, other than i would like to have the games on a ssd vs. a regular hard drive. I am just concerned with filling the 120 gig drive too much if i use it for system and games.

Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. if performance is what you want then your best bet is to run the drives in a striped raid setup. However some SSD's firmware do not play well with raid setups. You will have to check online for your specific model. Even if raid is not a good option you will generally have better performance with a SSD. Your SSD should perform better with windows 7. Also as long as you reformat the hard drive it will not be affected at all from having XP installed on it.
  2. (1) While raid0 will provide much better Seq read/writes, it does little to improve small 4K random read/writes nor does it improve access time. You also lose trim support and must rely solely on internal CG.
    Raid0 is great if you work a lot with large files such as editing a bunch of 10 Meg jpeg photos, work with large databases, CAD?CAM drawings, or Large Video files (DVD .vob = 1 gig file.

    (2) Yes it would improve game/Table/Map loads, but no real performance improvement in game play.

    (3) This machine has a 120 gig Phoenix pro as boot drive and I have an Intel G2 80 gig drive for the files I use most often - click a spreadsheet to open and it's there before I can move the mouse to it.

    (4) The Intel G2 had an operating system on it and I just reformated it. But I think the recommended way is to run HDDerase, or simular program, to erease first. But yes trim should restore it to near new performance, May take a while, ie a week.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. Excellent RetiredCheif, you gave me just the information i was looking for. Since i'm doing nothing other than internet and gaming with this machine for the most part, you would recommend 2 separate drives rather than a raid setup...

    Unless anyone has a dissenting opinion I will proceed in that fashion!

    Again, thank you greatly!
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